100 things you never knew you wanted to know about me

i’ve finally reached 100 posts…not without a few bumps along the way. so, in honour of this important milestone, here is a list of 100 useless facts about me…i’m sure you will be riveted! note: i’ve sprinkled the more interesting tid bits throughout…so you have to read them all to get to the good stuff! mwa ha ha ha!

  1. i am a stay-at-home mom
  2. i used to work in IT for the Federal Government of Canada
  3. i hated my job with a passion
  4. i am the worst worrier on the planet…i worry about anything and everything
  5. the above mentioned fact has turned me into a bit of a helicopter mom
  6. my eyes are blue
  7. i am 5 feet 10 inches tall
  8. i am the shortest member of my immediate family
  9. i turned 33 years old in June
  10. i’ve only ever broken one bone in my body…my middle toe on my right foot when i was 10
  11. that broken toe didn’t heal straight, and it now curls to the left
  12. my full first name is Cathryn
  13. i lived on a farm for 20 years, until i moved to Ottawa for University
  14. i grew up in a small town 1.5 hours East of Toronto
  15. when i moved away from my hometown in 1994, it had a population of 4000
  16. Friday the 13th tends to be a lucky day for me
  17. i love love love horror movies…i love having the crap scared out of me
  18. my fave numbers are 3 and 13
  19. my fave colour is purple….not nasty bright purple, but dusty violets, lilacs, aubergine….mmmm….aubergine….
  20. i love fancy words….there’s nothing like the proper use of a really good, fancy word
  21. i make up words….a lot…if i can’t find the perfect word, i just make one up to suit my needs
  22. i love to sing…i’m not saying i’m a good singer, i’m just saying i love to sing
  23. i have a sad addiction to reality shows…there…i’ve admitted it!
  24. i drink way to much Coke…it’s unhealthy really…
  25. i lost all of my hair due to Alopecia. it all fell out in a matter of 4 months
  26. i’ve been bald for 12 years
  27. i have never worn a wig
  28. when i go out in public i wear “skull caps” that my mom crochets for me
  29. i have an affinity for fruit wine
  30. i have an affinity for chocolate liqueurs….mmmm….Godiva liqueur…
  31. i’ve been with my husband for almost 10 years
  32. i watch Young & the Restless every single day…what can i say, i live vicariously!
  33. i have arachnophobia
  34. i am allergic to sun….seriously…it’s called PMLE (Polymorphic Light Eruption)
  35. my form of PMLE is severe, meaning i burn everytime my skin is in contact with sunlight (even through windows without UV protection), and results in millions of tiny blisters within 30 seconds to 5 minutes of exposure, depending on the time of year and strength of the sun
  36. i am also allergic to cold…again, i’m being serious! it’s called Cold Urticaria
  37. my form of Cold Urticaria makes me windpipe swell, making it difficult for me to breathe
  38. i don’t go outside much in the winter!
  39. i could eat pizza every day
  40. i speak french…i’m not fluent by any means, but i can get by…
  41. both of my parents are from Denmark
  42. because my parents used Danish to speak in “code” in front of my brother and i, i am not as fluent as i would like
  43. i gained 70 pounds when i was pregnant with Zander
  44. i gained 6 pounds with Logan….seriously….i was pretty sick…
  45. i still have most of my pregnancy weight hanging around…
  46. i hate going shopping for clothes…i would rather be at Home Depot or Best Buy or shopping for furniture or appliances
  47. i was born on the same day as my dad
  48. my brother was born the day before my first birthday
  49. my two sons are 13 months apart in age
  50. i use Fuzzi Bunz cloth diapers on my boys…love them…
  51. i love to paint….walls that is…i love to change the colours in my house
  52. i am allergic to nickel
  53. i’m a bit of a freak of nature…of course, you already knew that!
  54. i recycle diligently
  55. i can arch both of my eyebrows separately. i arch one, then the other…back and forth and back and forth…it makes me look like an evil mastermind, and it freaks out some of my friend…i love it!
  56. i have an extra vertebrae in my spine….like i said, freak of nature….
  57. i am addicted to papercrafting…i made my wedding invitations (i even hand made the paper!), i make all of my own cards for birthdays, Christmas, etc. (if anyone would like to receive one of my handmade creations, let me know….no occasion necessary…i love excuses to make cards!)
  58. i love anything velour…it’s just so soft!
  59. i love all music…except country
  60. when i listen to music in the car (when the boys aren’t with me), i crank it…i love it when i can feel the bass vibrate everything around me!
  61. i drive too fast…bit of a speed demon, i am
  62. i’m a comment whore…i love gettin’ the love!
  63. i can eat more in one sitting than should be humanly possible
  64. we still use monitors for both boys’ rooms, and when i got to bed i crank them up high enough that i can hear them breathing…it helps me sleep better
  65. i hate hearing my voice on recordings…it sounds so deep and manly
  66. i love video games…i am hoping a Wii falls off a truck driving by my house some day soon
  67. i like to go through model homes, even when i’m not planning on buying
  68. i used to smoke…i quit when hubby and i started dating
  69. hubby and i never had a honeymoon…we decided to save the money (we wanted to go to Italy) and start a family instead
  70. i am too long for an average bath tub, which makes it difficult for Calgon to take me away!
  71. i am a shade taller than my hubby
  72. i love to cook, but i hate cleaning up after
  73. i love to read…nothing like curling up in bed after a long day with a good book
  74. i’ve always wanted to know how to play the piano
  75. i can’t draw to save my life…even my stick figure renditions are all wonky
  76. when i had hair, it was blonde
  77. i have to draw my eyebrows and eyelashes on everyday…i hate it
  78. i have a clock fetish…i love the look of clocks…i have a lot of clocks
  79. one of my pet peeves is bad grammar…unless it’s done on purpose for comic effect, of course! not to say my grammar is perfect…
  80. i have a ridiculous amount of useless music, TV and movie trivia stored away in my shiny bald noggin
  81. one of my eyes doesn’t open as wide as the other
  82. my knees make a crunching sound when i walk up and down the stairs…it’s pretty disconcerting (an example of one of my fancy words from #20)
  83. i hate Barney, the purple dinosaur
  84. i know the lyrics to every Backyardigans song ever written
  85. i watch really really ultra-bad movies just to make fun of them…something i started doing with my cousin Crystal when we were in highschool
  86. i love adult-oriented cartoons like Harvey Birdman…freakin’ hilarious!
  87. i love playing boardgames
  88. i’m lucky enough to love my in-laws
  89. my 15 minutes seconds of fame…i went to the Tom Green Show in 1995 when he was still doing it at the local cable station here in Ottawa…and i ended up on camera…my big moment…unfortunately i was chewing gum with my mouth open and playing with my long hair the whole time! ya…i’m cool like that…
  90. hair freaks me out…seriously! ever since i lost my hair, i can’t stand coming in contact with hair (from any body part!) that is no longer firmly attached to it’s owner…gives me the heebie-jeebies!
  91. most of my dreams involve me being a superhero
  92. my toenails are always painted varying shades of purple year round
  93. the smell of manure doesn’t bother me…it reminds me of home…odd, no?
  94. i like to use obscure TV and movie quotes in every day conversation…throws people off
  95. i keep the pinky-finger nail on my right hand longer than the rest…i use it to pick the boys’ noses…it’s the easiest way to do it…it is known in the family as mommy’s boogie nail
  96. when i’m at home, i where comfy clothes…pajama pants, over-sized t-shirts, fleece sweaters
  97. i watch way to much TV
  98. i’ve always thought my first name (Cathryn) was too plain, and didn’t suit me
  99. i can stretch my leg so that my foot is behind my neck…not both legs at the same time though…that’s just crazy!
  100. i never knew how much i enjoyed writing until i started this blog

there you have it….100 completely useless facts…pretty boring, no?

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4 Responses to 100 things you never knew you wanted to know about me

  1. Kimberly says:

    Wow…not even a little bit boring. That was fascinating! I found myself wanting to take notes and wave a list at you of all the ones that had me saying “Me too!” afterwards.

    I think you’re pretty darn fabulous.

  2. Mrs. Mustard says:

    Backyardigans rule. I also know every song. If you lived closer, I could teach ya the piano. It’s one of the many things I do :)

  3. amyszoo says:

    This is my first visit to your blog and I found it really interesting. Oh, I came by way of Top momma by the way! I think that whole longer pinky nail thing is hilarious and maybe you should become a secret shopper. Some companies pay people to go through model homes and do the tours!

  4. hahamynameiscathrynaswell:) says:

    Haha well i read that you’re a comment whore, i am too ;3 SO HERES A COMMENT! and i loved your blog btw :) so sad about hair loss and stuff, and how you gotta draw on your eyebrows every morning, that bugs man, but its great to see you dont let that get you down <3 take care. x