about cate

i’m a wife to an amazing husband, and a mom to two boys 13 months apart in age.  Zander, born 2005, and  Logan, born 2006.  they are a handful…and a half.  but they are my sunshine boys…smart, funny, amazing boys.

on top of dealing with my two little monkeys everyday, i have my own personal challenges.  i lost all of my hair from Alopecia Universalis in 1996.  i am allergic to sun (seriously), allergic to cold (ya….seriously!).  and i have various other auto-immune disorders.

i deal with all of this the only way i know how.  i laugh…i make fun…i try to find the humour in it all.  though, sometimes it just isn’t that funny.

if you can’t laugh, you’re gonna cry, right?

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