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getting back

i enjoyed writing, when i was blogging regularly. still do. it made me happy to record the daily shenanigans and goings-on. it was cathartic to write and rant about things/people that piss me off. i need that again.  need to … Continue reading

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i’m okay

the last few several months have a been an emotional roller coaster.  having to watch helplessly while your 6 year-old loses all of his hair is not easy. when something happens to our children, whether it be a scraped knee, … Continue reading

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my amazing little man

today Zander came over to me with his hands on top of his head. he pulled them down, and showed me his hands…which were full if his hair. Me: what happened? Z: my hair’s falling out.  (so matter-of-fact) I should … Continue reading

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what have i done?

it’s been a long time since i’ve written.  a very long time.  so much has changed.  but i will leave all of that for another post. something has driven me to write again, and it’s not a good something. my … Continue reading

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