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getting back

i enjoyed writing, when i was blogging regularly. still do. it made me happy to record the daily shenanigans and goings-on. it was cathartic to write and rant about things/people that piss me off. i need that again.  need to … Continue reading

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been gone

i haven’t posted to this blog since June of 2008.  just 3 months after moving into our new home.  why? i have some theories, but nothing concrete. maybe it was because the layout of the new house allowed me to … Continue reading

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spreadin’ some love

the absolutely wonderifically wicked-awesome JJ! from Dirty Laundry gave me some love yesterday. she said some amazing things about me that had my head inflating like a balloon me blushing for hours! so now, i will pass this one on. … Continue reading

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getting back into it

you may have noticed i haven’t been posting much for the past couple of months. allow me to explain. when i first started blogging, it was kinda sporadic. but then i really got into it, and developed a flow…a groove, … Continue reading

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has it been a year already?

today is my Blogaversary. i’m in shock. seriously…has it been a year? on January 1st, 2007 i wrote my first post at a blog i had set up with Blogger called “A Beautiful Life”. in this post i laid out … Continue reading

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create some buzz for cre8buzz!

Sara from Suburban Oblivion turned me on to Cre8buzz in the summer, and the minute i signed up, i was hooked.  what a great, fun, friendly community!  it’s all about getting more exposure, more readers, meeting new friends…and i’ve had … Continue reading

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warning – changes are afoot

this post is basically a warning.  you may notice over the next few days that there are weird things going on here.  basically, monkeys and marbles is probably going to be a little wonky. i’m going hosted, people.  finally.  but … Continue reading

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Haiku Friday: Blogger…why oh why?

we used to be friends you held my hand at the start so new to blogging then it all started losts posts, wouldn’t save my words we drifted apart then i found WordPress sad was i when i did move … Continue reading

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missing in action

ya…i’ve been MIA for a while now. no blog reading, no blog writing. it’s been crazy here. yet when i look back at it, it hasn’t been so crazy that i didn’t have time to read and write. i just … Continue reading

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