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Haiku Friday: pms payback

note: i wrote this before i know there was theme for Haiku Friday this week. please forgive me, but i needed to vent about being a woman. i will be sure to follow the theme next time. i was so … Continue reading

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Haiku Friday: the magic of corn

the magic of corn such a strange phenomenon such a small veggie no matter how much we chew chew chew when we eat it reappears whole sorry if that’s tmi, but seriously…whaddup with that??? the other day we had corn … Continue reading

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Haiku Friday: where the hell’d she go?

hey, have you seen cate? she hasn’t blogged in ages where the hell’d she go? she used to be here it’s like she done dropped off the face of the planet! i’m here. and i’m sorry i left the blogosphere … Continue reading

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Haiku Friday: packing sucks

packing up the house an endless sea of cardboard will it ever end? been packing for weeks never be able to tell haven’t made a dent surpised at what’s found where did all this crap come from? do we need … Continue reading

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Haiku Friday – where’d the funny go?

been all doom and gloom my writing so serious it’s just not like me my loyal readers i’m sure you’ve been wondering where’d the funny go? this blog has been so serious….nothing but serious. all kinds of downer posts. granted, … Continue reading

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Haiku Friday: when it rains, it pours

there’s one thing i know this comes from experience when it rains it pours we have no money the move has drained our accounts so over budget of course this would be perfect time for rain to pour it’s raining … Continue reading

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Haiku Friday: holiday’d out

i am so tired got back into town today from my parents’ house Christmas was busy oh so much fun had by all but i am tired ate so much good food i’m sure i gained 20 pounds too good … Continue reading

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Haiku Friday: a Christmas blasphemy

i’m a little sad our last Christmas in this house before the big move just us and the boys i hoped it would be special lasting memories not as i had hoped everything is going wrong so un-Christmasy! this Christmas … Continue reading

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Haiku Friday: Blogger…why oh why?

we used to be friends you held my hand at the start so new to blogging then it all started losts posts, wouldn’t save my words we drifted apart then i found WordPress sad was i when i did move … Continue reading

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