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Haiku Friday: an ode to tomorrow

patiently waiting tomorrow hubby will come isn’t soon enough   have missed him so much me and my two little boys can’t wait to see him!   *******************   gonna bake cookies me, mom, sis-in-law, cousin should be lots of … Continue reading

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Haiku Friday: two four three three

don’t know what it is this number that Zander speaks it just makes no sense   it’s always the same two four three three…what is it? how i wish i knew! for months, Zander has been repeating this number….2-4-3-3. we … Continue reading

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Haiku Friday: widgety woes

Blogger was a bitch gave me the ice cold shoulder my thoughts were not safe my posts disappeared my changes not always saved Blogger done me wrong my move was not easy sad to leave my first blog-home it had … Continue reading

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Haiku Friday take 2: down with trolls

this one’s for the wonderful Blue Momma…she got me all riled up! you hurt my feelings over-sensitive that day won’t happen again with so much support i feel understood and loved by you all i now feel stronger my bloggy … Continue reading

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Haiku Friday take 2: the sweetest thing

okay….so today is hubby’s birthday…i told him i was writing my haiku about our TiVo (which i did!), but what i didn’t tell him is that he’s getting a haiku of his own…ya…i’m sneaky like that! my dear sweet Carlos … Continue reading

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Haiku Friday: an ode to my TiVo

a post i read over at A Whole Lot of Nothing inspired me to write this one… TiVo sweet TiVo you have been a loyal friend for so many years you provide so much my daily entertainment is never lacking … Continue reading

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