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this blog is on tour

my mom came to Ottawa yesterday to pick me up.  she stayed the night, and today she travelled with me and the boys back to my parents’ house.  we got here  around 5pm. we went in my car, and left … Continue reading

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now that’s customer service!

hubby and i went through the drive-thru at McRaunchy’s the other day to get a quick bite to eat (despite the fact that i’m halfway through reading Fast Food Nation…i disgust myself!) Drive-Thru Lady: [with froggy voice that made you … Continue reading

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the best birthday gift money can’t buy

i thought the loot i got for hubby was pretty stellar this year…little did i know i would be out-done by my 2.5 year old just hours after the gift-giving. the boys were bathed and pajama’d…as usual we put Logan … Continue reading

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Haiku Friday take 2: the sweetest thing

okay….so today is hubby’s birthday…i told him i was writing my haiku about our TiVo (which i did!), but what i didn’t tell him is that he’s getting a haiku of his own…ya…i’m sneaky like that! my dear sweet Carlos … Continue reading

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