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such a short visit

i haven’t been around Blogville lately…short posts, a rare few comments on my favourite blogs…i’ve been pretty elusive.  and for good reason. my mom is leaving tomorrow morning.  so i hope you will excuse my absence, sparse comments and teeny-tiny … Continue reading

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finding a web host made difficult

so i’m in the market for some hosting services for monkeys and marbles. i already own the domain…hosting my blog rather than using the free WordPress service is my next step. simple, right? oh, so wrong! after comparing the … Continue reading

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i’m a Top Momma!!!

i finally made it on Top Momma! if you like me, love me, pity me, are bored by me…whatever! won’t you please click here to go to Top Momma, and then click on the animated bald woman when you get … Continue reading

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Haiku Friday take 2: down with trolls

this one’s for the wonderful Blue Momma…she got me all riled up! you hurt my feelings over-sensitive that day won’t happen again with so much support i feel understood and loved by you all i now feel stronger my bloggy … Continue reading

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the downside to being open and honest on your blog

that downside would be comments of the negative persuasion. and i got my first today. as my regular readers know, i have taken to calling my youngest son Logan an asshole in order to keep my sanity with all of … Continue reading

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farewell neighbour…you will not be missed

warning: i’m about to get all profane on your asses…it’s my neighbour’s fault!  yes, my neighbour is moving. oh happy day! can you tell i don’t like them? ya. i mean…the kids are okay….well the youngest is. the older one, … Continue reading

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the joy of corn

it was a busy day, so we ended up throwing together something quick for dinner…breaded fish sticks, baked beans, kernel corn and a fresh-baked whole wheat baguette (okay…before you get the idea that i’m some kinda martha stewart nut, it … Continue reading

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