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Haiku Friday: pms payback

note: i wrote this before i know there was theme for Haiku Friday this week. please forgive me, but i needed to vent about being a woman. i will be sure to follow the theme next time. i was so … Continue reading

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beware the wrath of Effexor!

i’ve tried a couple of different drugs for my ppd since being diagnosed a year ago. i’m still trying to find one that works well. they all seem to work on some of my…er…issues, but not all. Luvox was great … Continue reading

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Haiku Friday: where the hell’d she go?

hey, have you seen cate? she hasn’t blogged in ages where the hell’d she go? she used to be here it’s like she done dropped off the face of the planet! i’m here. and i’m sorry i left the blogosphere … Continue reading

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i’m not strong enough

oh God…i can’t do this. i’m not strong enough. i can’t watch my 2.5 year old son starve himself. i can’t keep trying things that don’t work. i can’t get my hopes up, only to have them dashed so soon … Continue reading

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Haiku Friday: widgety woes

Blogger was a bitch gave me the ice cold shoulder my thoughts were not safe my posts disappeared my changes not always saved Blogger done me wrong my move was not easy sad to leave my first blog-home it had … Continue reading

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