getting back

i enjoyed writing, when i was blogging regularly. still do.

it made me happy to record the daily shenanigans and goings-on. it was cathartic to write and rant about things/people that piss me off.

i need that again.  need to get back to it.

my routine is crazy, like that of any parent.

– get up at an insanely early hour
– get ready to go to work, all the while coveting my nice, warm bed from across the room
– say i-love-yous to hubby and kids and wish them a good day (hubby takes the to school/summer camp)
– drive 1 to 1.5 hours to work, sharing the road with various asshats who are texting, eating breakfast or applying make-up (or any combination thereof) while driving
– work for 8-10 hours, dealing with crapload upon crapload of whatever comes down the pipe at me, while trying to remind myself that what I do is important
– get back on the road with the same idiots from my morning drive for an even longer drive home (why is the commute slower on the way home than on the way to work?)
– pick up the tired, hungry, cranky kids and bring them home
– try to ignore the migraine and/or back/neck/shoulder tension that’s been building all day
– empty school bags of the remains of snacks and lunches and look to see what homework there is to do (though the homework part is over for a couple of months)
– figure out dinner (hubby mostly takes care of this part…he’s absolutely amazing!)
– do any homework, fill out any forms for the school/camp
– take 10 minutes to play with the boys
– eat dinner
– clean up after dinner
– get the boys showered
– rush to get the boys to bed, lest they miss out on some of their precious beauty sleep and wake up on the wrong side of the bed in the morning
– put a load of laundry on
– go back to the kitchen, finish any clean-up and run the dishwasher
– put the laundry in the dryer. put a second load in if needed
– sit down for a few minutes before going to bed
– go to bed, thinking and/or worrying about any number of things

then it starts all over again.

it’s hard to find the time to do something for myself. if i have the time, i most likely don’t have the energy.

but i’d like to find the time to blog regularly again. even if it’s just to write down a few random thoughts.

is this a pipe dream? we’ll see. in the meantime, I’m looking forward to getting back…or at least trying to get there.

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