Haiku Friday: a Christmas blasphemy

i’m a little sad
our last Christmas in this house
before the big move

just us and the boys
i hoped it would be special
lasting memories

not as i had hoped
everything is going wrong
so un-Christmasy!

this Christmas so doesn’t feel like Christmas. especially not the last Christmas in this house! i’d hoped it would be special for us and the boys…uh-huh.

first of all, my Christmas cards….oh, those cards haunt my dreams. i had promised myself that i would get them done early. my plan was to hand-make cards for my very special friends and family members (remember, i’m a papercrafting maniac), and the rest would get premade, but lovely, Christmas cards. and i would send them out in plenty of time.


i’m sorry…if you were expecting a card from me, don’t wait by the mailbox, ’cause it’s gonna be a while! i don’t know what happened….i’ve been in this funk lately, which has made my cardmaking, which i usually live for, devoid of joy for me. i just haven’t been able to get into it, which makes me sad. and everytime i would think of writing up store-bought cards, i would say to myself “no…i can make my own in time”. but i was deluding myself. and now i’m just disappointed.

then there’s the decorations…all my beautiful Christmas decorations. i love decorating every year. except this year. there are no lights on the house because it snowed earlier than usual, and it just keeps on snowing. as for the indoor decorations, they were packed up and shipped out while we had the house up for sale. we needed to de-clutter, and we figured we wouldn’t be using them until Christmas. well, it’s Christmas, and they are packed up and in the garage…somewhere. we don’t know where.

even if we knew where the Christmas tree was (yes, we have a fake tree…i grew up with real trees, he grew up with fake trees….fake won out), we wouldn’t know where to put it so we could keep Logan’s chubby little trouble-hands off it…man, that kid is into everything.

i was so sad that there was nothing saying “it’s Christmas time” in the house, that i resorted to grade 1 crafts….i made paper snowflakes. that’s right…i sat there and cut and cut and cut until i had a window full of snowflakes. i think they turned out okay…better than nothing, right?  i’m pretty proud of these babies…supersize the photos to get the full effect!


look how pretty! made them all by myself, i did!

snowflakes silhouettes

so pretty with the sun shining through the curtains!

snowflakes sunset

oooh…and with the sunset in the background? man, am i talented or what?

update: i had to run errands last night, and while i was gone my hubby was busy at work…when i got home he had set up the Christmas tree and other assorted Christmas goodies. there are no ornaments for the tree, but there are lights, and that’s all i need. it finally feels like Christmas in the monkey house!

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15 Responses to Haiku Friday: a Christmas blasphemy

  1. Toni says:

    Enjoy your final Christmas in your home. I love the snowflakes, btw. I can never make mine round, they are always squared off. What is your secret?

  2. jj says:

    It’ll feel like christmas with the sweets hangover and the wrapping strewn all over the floor…


  3. I am sorry you aren’t feeling it right now. I am sure come Monday you’ll be up to your eyes in festive. Ah, who needs cards?? ANd, the snowflakes look beautiful, Cate. Merry Merry.

  4. melbs1969 says:

    the snowflakes…beautiful!
    hope you get out of your funk!
    have a wonderful holiday!

  5. hydeslikeus says:

    What a sweet husband!

    Merry Christmas to you– you and your lovely family.


  6. janet says:

    your snowflakes: amazing (i bow to your crafty power).

    your husband: awesome.

    the christmas spirit lives in you and your family, not in the decorations and the trimmings. (not bad for the jewish kid, eh?)

    anyway, merry christmas, hon. hug your boys.

  7. kymburlee says:

    What a sweetheart! Hope it’s a Merry Christmas indeed! ~hugs~

  8. AndreAnna says:

    Oh, yay! Glad your husband put up some Christmas cheer for you! Hope you get out of our funk and enjoy the holiday with your family.

  9. Natalie says:

    Aww, I am so happy you got at least a little Christmas cheer in your place.

    Don’t worry about the cards. I’m lucky to get one card out every five years.

  10. Blue Momma says:

    I’m glad you got your tree! And your snowflakes? Very cool. I can’t wait until Punkin is big enough to cut snowflakes. I love making those things!

  11. God, I love that last pic of the beautiful snowflakes.

    Cards aren’t important, really.. (((HUGS))))

  12. wineymomma says:

    God gave me permission to send out card after Christmas this year! I am sending out Happy New Year cards!!!! I talked to 3 different people that told me the best cards they ever did were sent out after Christmas!

    Your hubby is a gem!

    With our house on the market I only did minimal decorating. It’s a real bummer when the kids bring up a decoration that they remember but that I didn’t get out this year! But I keep getting reminders that love is what it’s all about now!

    Beautiful snowflakes!


  13. Melissa says:

    Yea for the Hubby!

    And the snowflakes are awesome. I may have to do some of those myself…

  14. plainjanemom says:

    Those are beautiful — so festive!

  15. Mrs. Mustard says:

    Here’s a story about snowflakes:
    when I taught 6th grade, one of my students had never been shown how to make paper snowflakes. We were decorating the classroom for Christmas, and she had no idea how to make them. I showed her how, and she was so proud of herself. I had my camera and snapped a picture of her and her first snowflake. It is priceless!
    Yours are amazing.