Haiku Friday: an ode to my monkey boys

i have written two
poems for Haiku Friday
there’s one for each boy

ode to Logan

note: this might make more sense if you read my post from yesterday

Logan, sweet Logan
you are my big baby boy
just fifteen months old

at times you can cause
pain in my posterior
you monkey boy you

and now i know why
you’ve been a bigger asshole
than per usual

when i snuck a peak
i saw molars popping up
in your little mouth

and it’s no wonder
why you’re acting so crazy
the pain must be bad

but no matter what
i say or i do, Logan
please know i love you

always remember
when i call you an asshole
i do it for sanity

always remember
when i call you an asshole
i do it with love

ode to Zander

oh Zander my boy
you’re my oldest monkey boy
at twenty-eight months

you’ve been through so much
over the past eighteen months
you’re such a strong boy

not wanting to eat
you seemed so scared of your food
it didn’t make sense

it was so scary
so slowly wasting away
my skinny Zander

and now it does seem
that we have hit a crossroads
something is changing

you’ve begun to eat
food you’ve never had before
amazing to watch

and so the treatment
and the counseling we’ve had
seems to be working

i finally see
a faint light at the end of
a long long tunnel

Zander, sweet Zander
seeing you begin to thrive
brings tears to my eyes

always remember
no matter how hard it’s been
my love never fails

always remember
no matter how long it takes
i’ll be by your side

 Haiku Friday

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13 Responses to Haiku Friday: an ode to my monkey boys

  1. Blue Momma says:

    Your poem to Zander was very touching! He must be a very stong little boy. With a strong mother.

  2. Zander’s poem put a lump in my throat. Great, great poems; KUDOSaMillion!

  3. WorksForMom says:

    Wow, this was awesome. So creative, so artistic. And I’m lovin’ your blog – I’ll be back.

  4. janet says:

    wow time two! those are awesome works of love. what a great way to introduce me to your blog. like worksformom, i’ll be back!

  5. janet says:

    or wow TIMES two. i should proofread once in awhile!

  6. I’m glad you also think referring to your sons as asses is socially acceptable. Very touching haikus.

  7. Jennifer says:

    Those are beautiful odes to your boys. I especially love that you called Logan an asshole. It makes you REAL. My kids (yes BOTH of them) can be assholes, too.

  8. patois says:

    Yeah, they’re assholes, but they are so the assholes we want to love the rest of our lives.

  9. VDog says:

    OMG, woman! You are FREAKING amazing!

  10. Heather says:

    Upset Mother….bite me. And go buy yourself a sense of humor. You are in dire need of one. Don’t go lookin’ at Target for one though. I recommend you try shopping at Asshats R Us.

    Cate: Kids CAN be assholes at times.

    Beautiful haikus! The one for Zander warmed my heart while the one for Zander made me laugh.

  11. Heather says:

    I meant the one for Logan made me laugh.

    Sorry, I was seeing cross eyed after reading the comment from the Asshat with no sense of humor.

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