Haiku Friday: the magic of corn

the magic of corn
such a strange phenomenon
such a small veggie

no matter how much
we chew chew chew when we eat
it reappears whole

sorry if that’s tmi, but seriously…whaddup with that???

the other day we had corn with our dinner. the next morning i was changing Logan’s diaper on the floor in the living room. as is more often than not, his diaper was loaded with danger full of poop. and there it was…the tell-tale sign of the previous night’s dinner…completely reassembled as if never ingested.

that’s when Zander walked up and asked if Logan had pooped. (yes…he wants to see his brother’s poop all the time, as well has his own…that’s a weird post for another day!) he stood there staring at it as if Logan had been hiding a green, three-headed alien in his diaper.

then he raised his head, his big, blue eyes wide with wonder, and asked “mommy…why does Logan have corn in his diaper?”.

what do you say? how do you explain to a three year old that, for some unknown reason, corn has the magical ability to make it past your chompers and through your entire digestive system with barely a scratch, and then mystically reassemble itself upon its exit? how?

i told him “when we eat food, it goes down to our tummy, and then comes out as poop. so there’s corn in Logan’s diaper because we ate it for dinner last night, and he pooped it out.”. he looked at me like i had finally lost it. kid…i lost it a long time ago…

so i thought about it…how do i explain this to him in terms that he will understand. EUREKA! Zander is addicted to a Canadian show called Mighty Machines. it’s a cute show with footage of trucks, boats, what-have-you that have annoying-as-hell cute little voices explaining what they do. his current favourite is the one about recycling with the crusher, the compactor, etc.

i put on my best straight face and said “well, when you eat food, it goes down your throat like a conveyor belt to your tummy. your tummy is like a compactor and smooshes all the food up, and then it comes out as poop.” (note that i decided to skip the whole intestinal tract/bowl thing…i mean, he’s three!)

his face brightened as he said “oh..ya!”.

so now if you ask him where poop comes from, he will happily tell you a colourful story full of machinery and gadgets.

unfortunately, he never got his answer as to why whole corn was in Logan’s diaper. as soon as i learn the secret behind the magic of corn, i’ll let him know.

Haiku Friday
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23 Responses to Haiku Friday: the magic of corn

  1. anglophilefootballfanatic says:

    I’m so glad to see you back. We’ve really missed you, Cate!

  2. Your haiku made me chuckle. Corn is a big mystery, isn’t it? LOL!!

  3. Kathryn says:

    HAHAHA! That is funny. I never really thought about it before. It must have magical powers or something.

  4. melissaz says:

    The magical corn. Such a strange thing. That and raisins.

  5. Ha! Too funny. Such a mysterious thing, truly.

  6. wright says:

    *snort* I love it! Magical corn. But it is so crazy that you can poop it out whole.

  7. welcome back!! i must agree with the whole corn thing… it’s almost pointless to eat it, except it tastes so darn good!

  8. Jennifer says:

    THIS is hilarious. My husband has a theory about this corn phenomenon. He thinks that our appendix is a corn reconstituter.

    I had my appendix removed. I have no corny poop.

    The proof is in the poop!

  9. Mom24 says:

    Ahhh memories! “Hard to digest”, I believe is what they call it. Great Haiku.

    Jennifer–the appendix thing threw me, I had no idea that would happen.

  10. lolol… it is one of the great mysteries of life, isn’t it?

    we cannot discuss corn in our house. but that’s for OTHER reasons… it’s a symptom of our warped nature.

  11. cacklinrose says:

    Yeah, corn is pretty awesome like that!

  12. Toni says:

    Corn- the reappearing vegetable. My daughter loves it for that reason! (: Happy Friday!

  13. Scylla says:

    That is too funny, and completely true. Corn always makes it through completely reassembled. I have no idea why.

  14. Mandy says:

    Ha ha ha~
    Corn, corn, the magical fruit, the more you eat, the more you….wait. :-)
    love it!

  15. Joanna says:

    Too funny…HAHA….You know I don’t know what’s up with corn. It never ceases to amaze!

  16. Cathy says:

    I’ve always wondered the same thing.

  17. an all too common observation that is talked about very little, at least by adults : ) I love your explanation!

  18. rachel says:

    Too cute. I love your explanation. My 4 year old always wants to see her brother’s diapers and frequently calls us in to see her ‘product’ :-)
    We’ve had the corn discussion too, it is a bizarre phenomenon isn’t it :-)
    Nice to see you again Cate, you’ve been missed!

  19. MamaGeek says:

    It was SO NICE to see a comment from you Cate! You’ve been so missed.

    No about the corn? Good question – only I don’t need to know the answer. :)

  20. hahaha! hilarious. Since I’m a nerd and have too much time on my hand, I think corn (and peas) reappear because their exterior is composed of cellulose and we can’t digest cellulose. It freaks Allie out when it ‘reappears’ though. haha. :)

  21. Nap Warden says:

    Raisins are the same way…What is up with that?