Happy New Year!

well, it’s 10:41pm here….i’m sitting on the couch blogging, and hubby is currently de-linting a tennis ball (Logan tends to eat lint whenever he finds it). do we know how to party, or what?

since we became parents, our New Year’s Eve festivities have gotten a bit more low-key. meaning we stay at home and maybe watch a movie or something. we are currently mulling over which movie to watch. the fun never stops.

so, since i don’t have anything interesting to tell you about how hubby and i are spending our New Year’s Eve, i will tell you how the day went with the kids.

Logan had a big day. he has been walking a bit more…finally! he’ll now take a few steps between pieces of furniture…when he sees fit. so that was good. and we finally cut his mullet off. well…the “party in the back” part. he had this weird bit of hair in the back that grew longer than the rest. sometimes it was curly, sometimes straight. sometimes it would just be a big frizz ball. it just couldn’t decide what it wanted to be/do. so i cut it off. i figured Logan should start 2008 with a clean cut.

as for Zander….his newest word is “drunk”. yup…he learned that one from his momma. i’m so very proud.

we had already put Logan to bed, and we were in Zander’s room getting him ready. he was sitting in his “comfy chair” with daddy, so i sat on the floor in front of them. i ducked down so that he couldn’t see me for hubby’s legs, and then popped my head back up, sending Zander into a giggle-fit. i did it again, this time pretending to gnaw on his leg when i popped back up.

Zander: [through his giggles] mmm…tasty!

me: yup! your leg sure is tasty! tastes like….

Zander: pizza!!!

we had pizza for dinner. oh ya…we go all out for New Year’s Eve!

me: [stiffling my laughter] yup! you taste like pizza ’cause that’s what you ate for dinner!

Zander: [offering me his other leg, since i was apparently done the first one] ya! tasty pizza!

me: [gnawing on his other leg] mmm….this one tastes like pizza, too!

Zander then said slurred something that hubby and i couldn’t understand because a) he now had mongo chest-imploding hiccups from laughing so hard and b) he had his bed-time soother in his mouth.

me: i have no idea what you’re saying…what are ya…drunk?

Zander: yup! i drunk!

i look over at hubby, and we both start laughing.

Zander: and mummy i’ drunk!

i lose it.

Zander: and daddy i’ drunk too!

at this point, i’m rolling on the floor, trying hard not to pee my pants.

yes, a fun and festive time was had by all on New Year’s Eve here in the Monkey House. hope the same goes for all of you…only on a more exciting scale!

Happy (and safe) New Year’s! see read you all in 2008!

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6 Responses to Happy New Year!

  1. Natalie says:

    Happy New Year! Our festivities included going to my friends house (very Mormon – no alcohol), and playing fun games, etc…

    It’s funny, but I don’t really miss the days where I would go out and par-tay all night long. Bringing in the new year with my son is just so much more fulfilling.

    Plus, we came home and I loaded my glass up with wine and gave him a glass of OJ in a smaller wine glass. He’s happy and so am I :)

    PS. How’s that website coming?

  2. kymburlee says:

    Sounds so, so fun! Happy New Year!

  3. Heather says:

    Happy New Year!


  5. janet says:

    heh. we had pizza for new year’s too. we’re exciting like that.

    happy new year!

  6. VDog says:

    You have funny monkeys. :)