i’m okay

the last few several months have a been an emotional roller coaster.  having to watch helplessly while your 6 year-old loses all of his hair is not easy.

when something happens to our children, whether it be a scraped knee, a runny nose or a bad dream, a mother’s instinct kicks into high gear.  we go to our child and do what we need to do to make things better.

it’s different with Alopecia.  i couldn’t do anything.  not one damn thing.  i was forced to just stand by and let it happen.

but i’m okay.  do you know why i’m okay?  because zander is okay.  he is an amazing, brave, strong boy, and he’s okay.  if it weren’t for him, i don’t know how i would be getting through my days.

don’t get me wrong.  i still cry when i see a picture of him with hair, and his beautiful foot-long eyelashes.  i still get a jolt sometimes when I see him first thing in the morning, expecting hair on his head.  i still get sad when i wonder how this will change his future.  i still get angry when some ignorant person gawks at him without regard for his feelings.

but i’m okay.  my boy is okay with it.  he’s going to school, playing with friends, being invited to birthday parties….he’s happy.

and that’s all that really matters…

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