mommies don’t have penises

bedtime for the boys started out pretty normal tonight. diapers changed, pajamas on, and teeth brushed, we went into Logan’s room to put him to bed first. as usual, Zander helped us sing “rock-a-bye Logan”, and then yelled “bounce!” as daddy plopped Logan in the crib. i said “sweet dreams, sleep well, see you in the morning!”, blew kisses from the doorway, and closed his door. then it was off to Zander’s room.

that’s when the bedtime routine too a sharp left.

i was giving Zander the usual hugs and kisses before putting him to bed when he looked me in the eye with a quizzical look

Zander: mommy…do you have a penis?

my jaw dropped to the floor. i looked towards Carlos to see his jaw was right down there with mine.

me: [stiffleing a giggle] no, i don’t have a penis. only boys have penises.

Zander: does daddy have a penis?

daddy: [grinning mischievously] yup…daddy has a big penis.

Zander: does mommy have a big penis?

me: no…mommies don’t have penises. only boys have a penis. you have a penis, Logan has a penis and daddy has a penis. but girls don’t have penises. they have vaginas.

Zander: [very serious about learning the truth] oh.

where that came from, i have no idea. what i can tell you is that i was so not expecting that.

seriously…where do they get this stuff?

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14 Responses to mommies don’t have penises

  1. out of the mouths of babes… *snicker*

  2. Toni says:

    Oh, the questions. I wish I knew where they came from- on second thought, I probably don’t…

  3. Kathryn says:

    My boys ask me this all the time even though they know the answer already. They are fascinated by the differences. They asked to see mommy’s vagina and I was like, “Um. No. That is private. We don’t show people our vaginas or penises, okay?”

  4. Oh, dear. I hope I don’t have that one anytime soon. I’m still having to help mine pee (sitting down mind you), as he won’t hold his himself.

  5. So my daughter’s never asked about the penis thing. But she did ask me why my boobies were like mountains the other day.

  6. Jennifer says:

    “Daddy has a big penis”

    Men! Sheesh!

  7. Amanda says:

    We’ve been talking a lot about a’gina and ba-ginas lately. Daddy has been masterfully secretive about his penis, so much so that when rough-housing the girls use his crotch like a gymnastics horse and giggle when he turns blue and sputters.

  8. ~JJ! says:

    Ha! Sounds like the hubs needs some reassuring…tee hee…

  9. Mrs. Mustard says:

    The big joke here is that Mommy does NOT have a penis. Sacha points to his, then his daddy’s (while in the tub), then to Kees, and then says “Mama?” to which we reply “No, Maman does not have a penis.” Sacha laughs hysterically. Every time. At least once a day. For the past few months.

  10. vodkamom says:

    My 9 year old son asked me if my husband and I ever had sex. Yeah. I almost wrecked the car.

  11. ladyfi says:

    Oh yeah.. both kids ask about penises every now and then. Our son has also started to wonder about and compare… testicles. The dog has HUGE testicles, the husband medium-sized ones and he has small ones…

  12. wineymomma says:

    I miss you too…

  13. Brillig says:

    So, um, you know that this post is almost exactly a year old, right? Are you blogging somewhere else and I just don’t know about it? Or did you really take a year long blogging hiatus? :-)