mr. contrary

did you ever read those mr. men and little miss books when you were younger? you know the ones…Little Miss Sunshine, Mr. Fussy, etc., written by British author Roger Hargreaves. i did. i loved them.

well, i have an idea for a book to add to the collection. i would name it “mr. contrary”, and it would be inspired by someone very close to my heart. ( i won’t name names…Zander!)

here’s how my story would go.

once upon a time there was a little boy named Zander mr. contrary. he always had to do the opposite of everyone else, say the opposite of everyone else, or just plain disagree with everyone for the sake of disagreeing.

one day, Zander mr. contrary was playing with his mommy. mommy asked “do you want to build a tower with lego blocks?”. Zander mr. contrary said “no, i don’t want to play with lego blocks!”, so his mommy said “okay.”. then Zander mr. contrary whined said “but i wanna build a tower with lego blocks!!!”. his mommy rolled her eyes said “great! lets start building!”.

after lunch when his mommy was putting Zander mr. contrary down for his nap, she said ” i love you!”. Zander mr. contrary said “i don’t want to love mommy”. but when she was leaving the room, he yelled “i love you too!” just as she was closing the door.

later that day, Zander mr. contrary was in the kitchen while his mommy and daddy were washing and chopping veggies for a salad for dinner. his mommy asked “do you want to stand on a chair and watch?”, but he said “no”. as his mommy and daddy went about their dinner-making business Zander mr. contrary started crying. his daddy ask “what’s wrong?”, and Zander mr. contrary whimpered “i want to stand on a chair and watch!”. so his mommy and daddy stiffled a laugh ran right over to get a chair for Zander mr. contrary to stand on.

at the dinner table, his daddy asked him “do you want some chicken?”, and Zander mr. contrary said “i don’t like chicken!”, so his daddy put the fork loaded with chicken back down on the plate. then Zander mr. contrary cried said “but i want some chicken!!!”. his daddy sighed in exasperation picked up the fork, said “okay…here comes some chicken!”, and fed him some chicken.

and this continued until Zander mr. contrary slowly drove his mommy and daddy insane.

the end.

okay, so it’s not totally appropriate for children…and i need to work on the ending a bit. but it’s only a first draft…i’m sure it will be a wonderfully endearing story by the time i’m done…if i haven’t lost all my marbles by then.

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9 Responses to mr. contrary

  1. carlos says:

    hmm – can you give this ‘daddy’ character more lines? he seems very interesting :-)

  2. Natalie says:

    Since I haven’t had a chance to say it yet…

    Welcome back!

    This Mr. Contrary you speak of sounds suspiciously like a little boy I happen to know.

  3. Kathryn says:

    Well, that Mr. Contrary sounds very much like my little boys. I would buy that book for sure!

  4. ah… this reminds me of a song.

    “you’ve only just begun…….”


  5. anglophilefootballfanatic says:

    Aren’t they just WONDERFUL!?? I have lots of those books..I just refuse to read them to the kiddo, because GOOD GRIEF they are like 40 pages long. He can read those to himself….much later!

  6. yertle says:

    I know a Mr. Contrary too. Sometimes he seems totally possessed because he wants and doesn’t want everything all at the same time.

  7. haha. I loved those books.

  8. Kimberly says:


    I have a set of six Little Miss books that I picked up at Costco a few weeks ago – the girls love them!

  9. wright says:

    Love it! I have some Mr. Men/Little Miss books and I actually watch some of the TV show. I think Mr. Contrary would be a great addition!