my amazing little man

today Zander came over to me with his hands on top of his head. he pulled them down, and showed me his hands…which were full if his hair.

Me: what happened?
Z: my hair’s falling out.  (so matter-of-fact)

I should mention that he haven’t said anything to him about it yet, hoping he hasn’t noticed.

Me: when did you first notice your hair falling out?
Z: in the shower a few days ago.

He went over to show his dad the hair in his hands.

Z: maybe I have Alopecia.

then he turned to look at me….and smiled.  my eyes filled with tears.

a little later I was talking with him…

me: does it worry you that you might have Alopecia?
Z: no. wait….are Alopecians allowed to go to school?
me: of course, sweetheart!
Z: okay. I wish my hair didn’t have to fall out. I like my hair.
me: I know.
me:you’re beautiful with hair, and you’ll be beautiful without it.
Z: I know!

I’m a total wreck, and here’s my little half-bald boy showing me how to be brave.  what an amazing little man!

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