Wordless Wednesday – it was a bit windy last week

a bit windy last week
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a milestone of the stinky kind

last night when dinner was done, Zander told us he had to “go pee pee on da toilet!”.  this has actually, to our happy surprise, become a regular occurrence over the last few days.

some of you (those who followed me over from my first blog) may remember that we attempted to get Zander into the whole potty thing.  he thought it was pretty neat at first, peeing in it a few times and enjoying the accolades he received when he did his thing.  then the novelty wore off, and he didn’t want to have anything to do with it.

fast forward 7 months.  on Friday afternoon we asked him if he wanted to sit on the potty and pee.  he said yes (which surprised me since i’ve been asking him every once in a while for the past few months and the answer was always no), so we asked if he wanted to sit on the big toilet or the potty.  big-boy-wannabe that he is, he wanted to sit on the toilet with his Diego toilet seat.

so off hubby and Zander go to the bathroom while i played with Logan.  to be honest, i wasn’t expecting anything.  in the past the only thing he has done on the toilet is waste play with the toilet paper.  suddenly i hear hubby cheering, so i race to the bathroom to see big smiles on both their faces.   Zander, brimming with pride, said “a peed on da toilet, mummy!”.  even though he had peed on the potty before, this was different.  i could tell he really understood what he had done this time…i could see it in his face and hear it in his voice.

later, after dinner, he said he had to pee on the potty, so we put him on the potty and within 30 seconds he peed.  just like that.  and Saturday morning, as soon as we got him out of bed, he said he had to go pee on the toilet, and he did.  this has been going on since Friday.  he knows he has to pee, he asks to go on the toilet or potty, and he goes.  not every time, of course.  the kid is so busy in Zander-world most of the day that it will take a while for him to use the potty full-time, but this is definitely an excellent start!.

what happened yesterday, however, was completely unexpected.  he was sitting on the potty in front of the TV (don’t judge ;-)) after dinner.  he had already had a little pee, but i knew a bigger one was coming, so i asked him to sit on it a little while longer.  then he turned to look at me and said “a pooped mummy”…so matter of fact, like this was an everyday occurrence.  i checked, and sure enough my son had pooped for the first time in the potty.

i have heard so many horror stories from friends and family about trying to get kids to poop on the toilet or the potty.  my cousin’s daughter was so scared to do it, and later they found out that she thought her “insides” were falling out…how awful!  i was just expecting….i don’t know what i was expecting, but i didn’t expecting him just to poop!

anyway, i’m realistic enough to know that he might not want to poop on the potty again for a while.  but the fact that there was no trauma or anything gives me hope that it won’t be too hard.

plus he didn’t pick his poop out of the potty to show me…that’s a bonus, right?

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Scrolling Saturday – the search for Carl

Melissa from Such Simple Pleasures and Coleen from Manners and Moxie have started something called “Scrolling Saturday“. basically, you re-publish a post from the past. as Melissa put it, “All you do is, take an archived post, one that was shown no love…back when you were just writing for yourselves and had the random family member reading. And…repost it. It will get the love and appreciation that it was so entitled to!!!”

to join in the re-posting fun, go to the website and sign in with Mr. Linky! and now, on with the show!

*** “the search for Carl” was originally published on February 22, 2007 at my first blog, “A Beautiful Life”. Zander was 22 months old.

Zander has never said mommy or daddy. And it’s always bothered us. Other toddlers say it! Why doesn’t our toddler say it? It’s something we have longed to hear.

A few weeks ago I realized that whenever Zander was crying and asking for us, it sounded like he was saying “Carl”. And who is Carl, you ask? I wasn’t sure.

I kept listening for “Carl”, to try to find a pattern to when he said it. And it seemed that it was always when he wanted daddy. Who’s name is Carlos.

Yes, that’s right. My son is calling his father by his name! Shortly after, we realized that when he says “cat”, sometimes he means cat, sometimes he means me. Interesting.

I told my mother, who started to laugh. Apparently this runs in the family.

When I was around 14 months old, I started saying “nonny” (pronounced like Donny). My mother was so happy that I was finally starting to call her mommy. What she found odd, though, was that I would go to the window and yell “nonny! nonny!” whenever I could hear my father coming home on the tractor (I’m a farm girl, you see). And then it dawned on her. I was trying to say “honey”, which incidentally is what my mother calls my father. That’s when they started calling each other mommy and daddy in front of my brother and I.

So Carlos and I try to remember to call each other mommy and daddy in front of the boys. Which can seem awkward at times, and downright funny at others. Especially depending on the situation and whomever may be witness.

I find the whole thing funny, and rather cute. My husband does not. I’m not quite sure why he can’t find the humour in it. I think he may feel as if his son was calling for him without him knowing. But even if Zander was calling for Harold, Carlos would still go running to him. That’s just the type of father he is.

Zander has finally started to say dad. He calls Carlos dad and he calls me dad.

But that’s better than “Carl” and “cat”, I guess!

Zander & Daddy (a.k.a. Carl)
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Haiku Friday: when it rains, it pours

there’s one thing i know
this comes from experience
when it rains it pours

we have no money
the move has drained our accounts
so over budget

of course this would be
perfect time for rain to pour
it’s raining shit here

seriously. the shit is pouring down, and i’m knee-high in it. there’s a law that goes along with Murphey’s. it’s called Cate’s Law. Cate’s Law deems that if something bad/wrong can happen, it will. but this bad will wait to happen until the worst possible time, and bring some of it’s bad friends along for the ride.

hubby was driving to his sister’s house on Tuesday night…which is 40 minutes across town….which is why we are moving to that end of the city. anyway, the car started acting funny on the way there, and completely died as he pulled into their driveway. like died. dead. gone. deader than a kipper on a cracker. no salvation.

so, his plans were ruined (he was going to go to his sister’s store Supperworks and prepare some meals…awesome place!), and the rest of his night was controlled by CAA (Canadian Auto Association), and the whims of the dude that they sent to help him. Three hours later, he was still waiting for mr. dude. to make a long story short, mr. dude finally got there, boosted the car, left, the car died again and hubby couldn’t start it, called mr. dude back, mr. dude said he’d be right back, mr. dude took his sweet-ass time getting there…like 40 minutes, even though he’d just left. when mr. dude finally got back, the car could not be revived. so while mr. dude towed the car to the Canadian Tire near our place, my wonderful sister-in-law drove hubby home….at 1am.

hubby not happy.

so on Wednesday, we were without a car. hubby worked from home, while i had to cancel a doctor’s appointment for that morning. an appointment that i’d already had to cancel in December because of a snow storm. an appointment that i’ve been waiting for. an appointment that was supposed to be all about how i’m doing on my latest anti-depressants, if they are working, how my ppd is, and also to check up on some blood work to find out if my thyroid has gone cuckoo and flown the coop. ya, now i have to wait again…until the middle of February. if i have cancel that one too, i’m going to lose it…my doc goes on maternity leave starting the end of February.

cate not happy.

on Wednesday afternoon, we get a call from Canadian Tire. it’s the alternator. it’s dead. it needs to be replace. for the very reasonable, low low price of $800.

cate and hubby not happy.

later on Wednesday afternoon, hubby went over to the living room window to see what Zander was looking at. hubby mumbles one of his favourite profanities. i go over. the windstorm that had been threatening to rip the windows out of the house had knocked down part of the fence between us and our neighbours. the fence was lying in our backyard. flat on the ground. this is the fence that we sold along with the house in July. which means we need to put even more cash into this damn house, even though it won’t be ours in 6 weeks.

cate and hubby really not happy.

did i mention the splitting migraine that started in my right eye on Wednesday night, and by yesterday morning was a big ball of head pain? hmmm…i wonder what brought that on.

Haiku Friday

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getting back into it

you may have noticed i haven’t been posting much for the past couple of months. allow me to explain.

when i first started blogging, it was kinda sporadic. but then i really got into it, and developed a flow…a groove, if you will. this groove made it easy for me to write my blog on a regular basis. and it was good.

then i lost my groove, and everything went to shit. allow me to elaborate.

first, there was NaBloPoMo. wow…that was tougher than i’d expected. i wrote whenever i had time about whatever…it was mostly drivel. and most of the bloggers in my reader were a part of NaBloPoMo too, so i was drowning in unread posts. i just couldn’t keep up. i had promised myself i would take a break at the start of December, and it’s been tough to get back into it since.

then there is my laptop battery. my iBook G4 is one of my best friends….but the battery? not so much. i usually write my blog posts a bit at a time during the day…whenever i have a spare 10 seconds, but this is becoming impossible. the battery has been not-so-slowly losing charge capacity, until the point where i turn it on and have about 10 minutes at most to get done what i need to do before it dies. some of you are probably thinking “so just use the power adapter”, and that would be the easiest thing to do. unfortunately, i have two toddler boys. i won’t mention any names, but one of them Zander likes to yank and fiddle with and accidentally unplug the cord make sure that all cords are untangled, plugged in tight, not twisted, plugged in tight, lying straight, plugged in tight, and all buttons are pressed….repeatedly, and the other Logan has a strange vendetta against all cords and computer/electronic equipment, and does his best to destroy them all. now, if my laptop is running on the battery, it’s fairly easy to keep it out of harm’s way. if i’m sitting on the couch with it, i can lift it up or run off with it (oooh…that sounds so mature, no?), or i can use it at the kitchen counter or where ever. but if i need to use the adapter, i am chained to one corner of the couch without much cord length, and no chance for any speedy get-aways (we don’t have a computer desk on the main floor of our house…that would just be asking for trouble!). needless to say, this pretty much means no computer time for mommy when the boys are awake. and when the boys are napping, mommy is cleaning up…and sometimes napping.

then there were the holidays. i think everyone agrees they put a festive halt to daily posts for most of us. we were all too busy with parties and get-togethers, vacations, recovering relaxing after the holidays….hubby had a week and a half off work, so we’ve been enjoying the time together, and he’s been loving the extra time playing with the boys.

and then, there’s iPhoto. i’ve been using iPhoto to crop and resize photos for my blog, and i love it. hubby upgraded to iPhoto 8, and it was good. so many new features. but i can’t get the damn thing to resize! i looked online and found a tutorial with screen captures, and it’s like part of the menu is missing on our install….wtf? there have been so many posts i’ve had brewing in my head that need photo accompaniment…and i can’t publish them until i can resize the stupid fracking pictures!

all these things have been messing with my flow….my blog-writing groove. i’ve recovered from NaBloPoMo and the holidays are over, so there’s two down. only two to go!

i will try harder to get posting more often again. until then, please refer to the above post for my excuses.

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has it been a year already?

today is my Blogaversary. i’m in shock. seriously…has it been a year?

on January 1st, 2007 i wrote my first post at a blog i had set up with Blogger called “A Beautiful Life”. in this post i laid out my plans for this blog. oh, so much has happened since then…including a location and name change.

i figured blogging would be a good way to keep a type of “journal” of the boys’ lives as they grew up, and it has definitely been good for that. think of all the wonderfully funny and embarrassing anecdotes i will be able to share with them when they are older and they bring a girlfriend home to meet mom! (ya…i’ll consider that payback for all the temper tantrums and poopy diaper changes)

i was hoping to use this blog to be able to get out all of my feelings, good and bad. little did i know that this blog would allow me to express myself so freely, so honestly that it would be a catharsis i had never before experienced.

but what i really wasn’t expecting were the amazing friendships that i have found. no matter what i do here, what i say/write, how often or rarely i post, no matter what, it’s okay. we are truly all friends here. it sounds cheese-tastic, but it’s true.

i have made friends that share the preemie/GERD experience, the PPD experience, the Alopecia experience. i’ve made friends that share my wacky sense of humour. i’ve made friends that just get me. friends that support me. friends that give me a kick in the ass when i need it, and that make me laugh when i’m down.

so to all of my cyber-friends, thank you so much. i had no idea that blogging, and the people i met while doing it, would become such an important part of my life. you all rock, and i love you for it.

here’s to another year of tales from the monkey house!

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Happy New Year!

well, it’s 10:41pm here….i’m sitting on the couch blogging, and hubby is currently de-linting a tennis ball (Logan tends to eat lint whenever he finds it). do we know how to party, or what?

since we became parents, our New Year’s Eve festivities have gotten a bit more low-key. meaning we stay at home and maybe watch a movie or something. we are currently mulling over which movie to watch. the fun never stops.

so, since i don’t have anything interesting to tell you about how hubby and i are spending our New Year’s Eve, i will tell you how the day went with the kids.

Logan had a big day. he has been walking a bit more…finally! he’ll now take a few steps between pieces of furniture…when he sees fit. so that was good. and we finally cut his mullet off. well…the “party in the back” part. he had this weird bit of hair in the back that grew longer than the rest. sometimes it was curly, sometimes straight. sometimes it would just be a big frizz ball. it just couldn’t decide what it wanted to be/do. so i cut it off. i figured Logan should start 2008 with a clean cut.

as for Zander….his newest word is “drunk”. yup…he learned that one from his momma. i’m so very proud.

we had already put Logan to bed, and we were in Zander’s room getting him ready. he was sitting in his “comfy chair” with daddy, so i sat on the floor in front of them. i ducked down so that he couldn’t see me for hubby’s legs, and then popped my head back up, sending Zander into a giggle-fit. i did it again, this time pretending to gnaw on his leg when i popped back up.

Zander: [through his giggles] mmm…tasty!

me: yup! your leg sure is tasty! tastes like….

Zander: pizza!!!

we had pizza for dinner. oh ya…we go all out for New Year’s Eve!

me: [stiffling my laughter] yup! you taste like pizza ’cause that’s what you ate for dinner!

Zander: [offering me his other leg, since i was apparently done the first one] ya! tasty pizza!

me: [gnawing on his other leg] mmm….this one tastes like pizza, too!

Zander then said slurred something that hubby and i couldn’t understand because a) he now had mongo chest-imploding hiccups from laughing so hard and b) he had his bed-time soother in his mouth.

me: i have no idea what you’re saying…what are ya…drunk?

Zander: yup! i drunk!

i look over at hubby, and we both start laughing.

Zander: and mummy i’ drunk!

i lose it.

Zander: and daddy i’ drunk too!

at this point, i’m rolling on the floor, trying hard not to pee my pants.

yes, a fun and festive time was had by all on New Year’s Eve here in the Monkey House. hope the same goes for all of you…only on a more exciting scale!

Happy (and safe) New Year’s! see read you all in 2008!

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Haiku Friday: holiday’d out

i am so tired
got back into town today
from my parents’ house

Christmas was busy
oh so much fun had by all
but i am tired

ate so much good food
i’m sure i gained 20 pounds
too good to say no

saw the family
so many get-togethers
i’m now comatose

tons and tons of gifts
we could open a daycare
with the boys’ new toys

though i’d love to stay
did i mention i’m tired?
i’m glad to be home!

i hope all of you
had a safe and wonderful
holiday season!

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Haiku Friday: a Christmas blasphemy

i’m a little sad
our last Christmas in this house
before the big move

just us and the boys
i hoped it would be special
lasting memories

not as i had hoped
everything is going wrong
so un-Christmasy!

this Christmas so doesn’t feel like Christmas. especially not the last Christmas in this house! i’d hoped it would be special for us and the boys…uh-huh.

first of all, my Christmas cards….oh, those cards haunt my dreams. i had promised myself that i would get them done early. my plan was to hand-make cards for my very special friends and family members (remember, i’m a papercrafting maniac), and the rest would get premade, but lovely, Christmas cards. and i would send them out in plenty of time.


i’m sorry…if you were expecting a card from me, don’t wait by the mailbox, ’cause it’s gonna be a while! i don’t know what happened….i’ve been in this funk lately, which has made my cardmaking, which i usually live for, devoid of joy for me. i just haven’t been able to get into it, which makes me sad. and everytime i would think of writing up store-bought cards, i would say to myself “no…i can make my own in time”. but i was deluding myself. and now i’m just disappointed.

then there’s the decorations…all my beautiful Christmas decorations. i love decorating every year. except this year. there are no lights on the house because it snowed earlier than usual, and it just keeps on snowing. as for the indoor decorations, they were packed up and shipped out while we had the house up for sale. we needed to de-clutter, and we figured we wouldn’t be using them until Christmas. well, it’s Christmas, and they are packed up and in the garage…somewhere. we don’t know where.

even if we knew where the Christmas tree was (yes, we have a fake tree…i grew up with real trees, he grew up with fake trees….fake won out), we wouldn’t know where to put it so we could keep Logan’s chubby little trouble-hands off it…man, that kid is into everything.

i was so sad that there was nothing saying “it’s Christmas time” in the house, that i resorted to grade 1 crafts….i made paper snowflakes. that’s right…i sat there and cut and cut and cut until i had a window full of snowflakes. i think they turned out okay…better than nothing, right?  i’m pretty proud of these babies…supersize the photos to get the full effect!


look how pretty! made them all by myself, i did!

snowflakes silhouettes

so pretty with the sun shining through the curtains!

snowflakes sunset

oooh…and with the sunset in the background? man, am i talented or what?

update: i had to run errands last night, and while i was gone my hubby was busy at work…when i got home he had set up the Christmas tree and other assorted Christmas goodies. there are no ornaments for the tree, but there are lights, and that’s all i need. it finally feels like Christmas in the monkey house!

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