Print, Damn Blogger…Print!

In the words of Jenny of Absolutely Bananas fame, DOWN with Blogger! Up with WordPress!

My mother wanted to print my tribute to my dad on our birthday so that he could read it. Such a simple request. But would Blogger oblige? Of course not. It prints the first page fine, but the next few pages are nothing but my avatar. WTF?

So I imported the post to my WordPress trial blog and guess what. It prints fine from there.

It seems my exodus from Blogger will be sooner than planned. Stay tuned…

DOWN with Blogger! Up with WordPress!
DOWN with Blogger! Up with WordPress!
DOWN with Blogger! Up with WordPress!

Feel free to chant with me….

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8 Responses to Print, Damn Blogger…Print!

  1. Queen Heather says:

    What? Just when I’m getting blogspot figured out, it seems that WordPress in the new thang.


  2. Absolutely Bananas says:

    Down with Blogger! Up with WordPress!

    Wait… am I allowed to chant along given that I still use blogger??

  3. Anvilcloud says:

    I’ll be pleased enough to leave WP once I am done the travel blog. It’s a PITA. Not saying that Blogger isn’t also though.

  4. Brillig says:

    I chanted it all the way to a new URL. :-)

  5. Lene says:

    YEA! a WP convert!

  6. The Rose Family says:

    I hear you about Blogger. I thought all this was supposed to get better with the Beta thing. Not that I really understand all of that– Just want it to work!

    I love your blog!

  7. Suburban Oblivion says:

    Bwahahahahaha..I knew you’d come around!! Dontcha love the Koolaid? 😉

  8. Lene says:

    Where ya at Cate? Hope Blogger isn’t holding you hostage!