Saturday blues

this weeks seems to have been working against me.  it’s been one thing after another.  and it continued today.

i gave the boys a bath this morning….by myself.  i’ve never done that before, and for good reason.  they are a handful.  i figured i would wash them both and get Logan out first, leaving Zander in the tub to play.  don’t worry…i wasn’t going to leave Zander there by himself!  i thought i would get Logan dried, moisturized and dressed in front of the tub, let him loose and then do the same for Zander.  unfortunately Zander had other plans.

he wanted to get out of the tub first, so i had to leave Logan in the tub to play.  he kept standing up and slipping, he tried to drink my mother’s shampoo, he tried to empty her body wash into the tub….you know….Logan stuff.  it was almost impossible to keep him out of trouble while getting Zander dressed.

by the end of it, i had a splitting headache…i still have a splitting headache. needless to say, i was overjoyed when Carlos finally got here.  i could have cried.  but my headache kept me from enjoying the rest of the day.

my cousin Crystal, who is like my sister, showed up for the Christmas cookie baking.  i tried to have fun, but i was in too much pain.  and the kids started getting in each others faces with the i-don’t-know-how-to-share, and that’s-my-toy and what-have-you, and the screaming was killing me.  i eventually had to go lie down in the guest room with the lights out.  i missed out on a lot.

my headache is still here…the party is over, and i’m sad i missed out on visiting with my cousin.  it’s like this week was doomed right from the start….

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