Scrolling Saturday – the search for Carl

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*** “the search for Carl” was originally published on February 22, 2007 at my first blog, “A Beautiful Life”. Zander was 22 months old.

Zander has never said mommy or daddy. And it’s always bothered us. Other toddlers say it! Why doesn’t our toddler say it? It’s something we have longed to hear.

A few weeks ago I realized that whenever Zander was crying and asking for us, it sounded like he was saying “Carl”. And who is Carl, you ask? I wasn’t sure.

I kept listening for “Carl”, to try to find a pattern to when he said it. And it seemed that it was always when he wanted daddy. Who’s name is Carlos.

Yes, that’s right. My son is calling his father by his name! Shortly after, we realized that when he says “cat”, sometimes he means cat, sometimes he means me. Interesting.

I told my mother, who started to laugh. Apparently this runs in the family.

When I was around 14 months old, I started saying “nonny” (pronounced like Donny). My mother was so happy that I was finally starting to call her mommy. What she found odd, though, was that I would go to the window and yell “nonny! nonny!” whenever I could hear my father coming home on the tractor (I’m a farm girl, you see). And then it dawned on her. I was trying to say “honey”, which incidentally is what my mother calls my father. That’s when they started calling each other mommy and daddy in front of my brother and I.

So Carlos and I try to remember to call each other mommy and daddy in front of the boys. Which can seem awkward at times, and downright funny at others. Especially depending on the situation and whomever may be witness.

I find the whole thing funny, and rather cute. My husband does not. I’m not quite sure why he can’t find the humour in it. I think he may feel as if his son was calling for him without him knowing. But even if Zander was calling for Harold, Carlos would still go running to him. That’s just the type of father he is.

Zander has finally started to say dad. He calls Carlos dad and he calls me dad.

But that’s better than “Carl” and “cat”, I guess!

Zander & Daddy (a.k.a. Carl)
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14 Responses to Scrolling Saturday – the search for Carl

  1. Coleen says:

    Too cute!

    I had never thought about it before, why parents might call each other “mommy” & “daddy”. I just thought it was a bit of a bad habit to get into. Weird I thought that when I hadn’t really given it a good amount of thinking. It’s actually kind of sweet and it obviously worked! :)

  2. Summer says:

    That’s great! Thom and I naturally started calling each other mommy and daddy as soon as we became parent.s Still feels weird when I think about it…

  3. AndreAnna says:

    This is a great story! Charlotte calls us both momma and daddy, BUT if she is calling for Mike if he is outside or in the basement, she will stick her head in the doorway and yell “HONEY, BABE?”

    Kids are funny.

  4. melbs1969 says:

    that is so cute!!! i’m so glad you’re participating!

  5. Kathryn says:

    That is too cute!
    My hubby and I had trouble calling each other mom and dad when we had kids too. It just seemed kinda creepy. Now the boys laugh hysterically when they hear us calling each other by our real names.
    That was a great pic for a repost!

  6. anglophilefootballfanatic says:

    That is a great one, C. Mine called me Holly for a while, too. And, of course the hubs and I tried to go to Mommy and Daddy, but that didn’t work as friends still called me Holly. It really blew his bubble when he heard me calling Nana & Pop Mom and Dad, so then I was Holly, and my parents were Mom and Dad.

  7. jenni says:

    My 3rd child was about 20 months when he finally started saying “mom.” I was bribing the other kids to try to get him to say it. Of course, once he did he never stopped. But I do love it when they call us by our first names. Or even better, now #3 sometimes calls me Mommy B____ (last name). It’s sweet.

    Your Friday Haiku was my first time reading, but I’ve enjoyed your posts so far.

  8. Awwwwwwwww.. I love that! Benny called me Papa and I think Davey is doing the same. Ding-dangit! LOL Hey, it’s better than “Shithead” or something equally horrendous.. LOL

  9. Laura says:

    What a great story! Thanks for sharing!

  10. tommiea says:

    how cute…..I call my husband Husband….and my three year old calls him that as well! She calls him daddy sometimes but more often than not, it is Husband! Silly kids.

    visiting from Scrolling saturday

  11. HolleeAnn says:


    i love this whole scrolling saturday thing it is leading me to a whole new group of bloggy goodness to read and soak up. looking forward to more!

  12. janet says:

    that is a sweet story, cate.

    i think i might have to try this scrolling saturday thing next week!!

  13. MamaGeek says:

    Oh I love this. Once again, I think Zander is a little genius. This was a terrific tale Cate. And is a perfect example of what happens when you worry (greater things are happening)! :)

  14. Alison says:

    That is so sweet..I was trying to remember what my children first called me, and I can’t remember!!