the wandering mind of a toddler

as if he had hacked into my email and read the message where i told JJ that i would post this morning’s breakfast conversation of it was blog-worthy, Zander was in rare form this morning!

this is the conversation i had with Zander while sitting at the dining room table eating breakfast:

Zander: what dat?

me: what’s what?

Zander: in da kitchen! [pointing wildly towards the doorway to the next room]

me: i don’t know…what is it?

Zander: a cake!

me: no, i don’t think that’s a cake!

Zander: it’s a shirt!

me: [seeing the cardigan that i had taken off and placed on the kitchen table] that’s mommy’s sweater.

Zander: it’s a shirt…and pants…and socks! for daddy!

me: it is?

Zander: what dat noise?

me: what noise?

Zander: i hear dat noise again!

me: what noise is that?

Zander: uh-oh! someone in trouble!

me: someone’s in trouble?

Zander: daddy…daddy in trouble!

me: no…daddy’s fine

Zander: daddy in trouble! where daddy?

me: daddy’s at work.

Zander: oh no! i better help him!

me: why do you need to help daddy?

Zander: i like toast!

me: ya…toast is good isn’t it? and it’s good for you. it helps you grow up big and strong.

Zander: [nodding in agreement] mmm…tasty!

me: yup…toast sure is tasty!

Zander: dis cheese is wet!

me: [examining the cheese] no, the cheese isn’t wet.

Zander: i don’t like dis cheese.

me: [trying to figure out how to explain that marble cheese is the same as cheddar] yes you do. this is just like orange cheese, but they coloured some of it white to make it look funny. see?

Zander: no. i want orange cheese.

me: we don’t have any orange cheese…only marble cheese. it tastes the same as orange cheese. why don’t you try it?

Zander: where are my engines? [referring to the plethora of Thomas steam engines he got for Christmas]

me: they’re in the box over there. on the bottom of the bookcase.

Zander: look at ALL my engines!

me: ya…you have a lot of engines, don’t you?

Zander: better get a track!

me: you want to build a track for your engines? i’ll help you build a big track after breakfast. but you have to finish eating first.

Zander: uh-oh…what dat noise?

me: that’s an airplane flying over the house.

Zander: ya! airplane! where she going? [everyone and everything is “she” to Zander]

me: i don’t know. where do you think the airplane is going?

Zander: she going to da airport!

me: yup! the airplane is going to the airport.

Zander: dis cheese is wet!


phew….the conversation didn’t end there, but my brain is too tired to keep going.

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14 Responses to the wandering mind of a toddler

  1. AndreAnna says:

    Eeerily similar to conversations I have had with my 31 yr old husband.

  2. ~JJ! says:

    Too funny.

    Where to they get it from?

  3. Toni says:

    Very amusing. I had forgotten what conversing with one so little was like. My daughter is 8 and my boy doesn’t talk yet.

  4. Natalie says:

    Bwahaha! Too cute.

    But watch out, eventually you’ll want to be able to change the subject and he won’t.

    You know, like when he starts asking about things such as how babies are made.

  5. janet says:

    lmao @ natalie.

    because she is TOTALLY correct!

    that zander is a master of the redirect. better get ahead of him!

  6. bananas says:

    ohhhh little peanut!!! I love these kind of conversations!!!

  7. GHD says:


    That’s my day, expect my son doesn’t talk yet so just imagine this happening as a series of pointing and grunting… and yes, it never ends.

  8. Kimberly says:

    It’s so weird when they shake that phase and start making more sense…despite the confusion that goes with it, I kind of miss it. It’s so dang cute!

  9. wineymomma says:

    Gotta love toddler conversation for blog fodder!!!

    xoxo WM

  10. manda says:

    haha! I love it! so funny!

  11. anglophilefootballfanatic says:

    I love those kinds of conversations. Totally impossible to follow. My charmer is somehow awake at 10 pm and complaining about dat noise…an owl. Umm. No owls here.

  12. susiej says:

    Very cute — what a great conversation.

  13. Mrs. Mustard says:

    This sounds strangely like my own mind…

  14. Carie says:

    LOL! I felt like I was at my kitchen table.