there’s no place like home

as much as i love to visiting family, being home is just so very nice.

don’t get me wrong…i’m glad that my parents, my brother and sister-in-law and my niece and nephew got a chance to see me and the boys, and we got to see them.  it just wasn’t the relaxing week i’d hoped for.

taking care of the boys can be very challenging.  taking care of them somewhere other than home?  now that’s just a nervous breakdown waiting to happen.

last week was so stressful.  i didn’t have my hubby for backup.  i was completely unorganized.  i didn’t have my usual food stuffs on hand, other than the formula and some jarred food i brought with me.  the house is not what i would call childproof…sure they’ve got gates, but there are electrical cords lying around, the TV is on a wobbly little table,  there are breakables everywhere.  not to mention a huge glass coffee table.

so i spent the week forgetting to give the boys their medications on time, dealing with super-stressful mealtimes since we didn’t have enough of their favourite foods to last the week and the inclement weather made it impossible for us to go to town until Friday, telling Logan not to climb up on the glass table, pulling Logan off the glass table, pulling electrical wires out of Logan’s mouth….you get the picture.

oh, and then there was Georgina….my beautiful almost-2-year-old niece.  she’s a sweetheart, but since she goes to my cousin’s for daycare she has learned from my cousin’s daughter to play extremely rough.  and neither of the boys enjoyed that.  so i was constantly pulling her off of them, releasing her iron-grip from their clothes and separating them.

and then there’s that whole i-don’t-know-how-to-share toddler stage that they are all in.  so there was grabbing and pulling and screaming and tantrums.

my mom was trying to help with the boys as much as she could, but she was also preparing fantastic meals everyday, getting ready for visitors coming to see me and the boys, cleaning up after the Dynamic Destruction Duo….that’d be Zander and Logan. and my sister-in-law, Chris-Anne was busy taking care of my 4.5 month old nephew Oliver, so Georgina ended up being an added responsibility for me whenever they came over…which was every day.

did i mention that my asthma flared up so bad while i was there that i slept at most 3.5 hours a night.  most nights i ended up having to go to the living room and read until my coughing fits subsided.  Logan’s crib is in the guest room i was sleeping in, and i really didn’t want to deal with him waking up on top of my wheezing and coughing.  my chest hurt so bad i felt like i’d been chain smoking in my sleep.

and now i’m home.  i know where everything is.  i was actually able to stick to the boys’ normal schedule/routine today.  they got there medications on time.  so did i.  they ate well.  they played with very little conflict.  i didn’t have a breakdown.  all is good.

and i know that it will get easier as the kids get older.  i’m just glad that hubby will be coming with me to visit my family at Christmas time!

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3 Responses to there’s no place like home

  1. janet says:

    wow. not exactly a relaxing time.

    glad you can get yourself back together now.

  2. wineymomma says:

    This is why I am glad that it is too expensive to go home for every holiday for us!!!!

    My parents come and get my monsters in the summer and spend about a month playing and swimming and whatever else they do. Then we come for about a week and a half and then go home!!! We also have the added fun (read stress) that my mother in law lives 10 minutes from my mom and dad, so yay!

    Seriously though-sometimes the best thing we can do to take care of ourselves is live out the routine of our lives that is comfortable and familiar!

    So-be well and take care of yourself so you can enjoy being at home and with your hubby and boys!

    Sending lots of love!

  3. Nap Warden says:

    Hey, I’ve been out of commish lately…Stoppin’ by to say hi. I hear you, it is so hard when kiddos are little to get away. Going to my Mom’s is so hard with our little team, she has no concept of baby proofing…It’s a wonder my brother and I made it to adults. Glad you are back home and getting back on track!