this blog is on tour

my mom came to Ottawa yesterday to pick me up.  she stayed the night, and today she travelled with me and the boys back to my parents’ house.  we got here  around 5pm.

we went in my car, and left hers there for hubby to use.  the plan is that the boys and i will stay here for the week, and hubby will come down next weekend for a visit, and leave together on Sunday.

so….i’m with my mommy and daddy, and i’m getting pampered, and i have extra help with the boys during the day.  all is good.  well, except one thing.

i’m going to have to apologize right now.   since the only computer in the house is in the room Zander sleeps in, my blog reading/writing time will be cut drastically.  i normally do all of that during the boys’ naptime, or after they are in bed.  ya, that’s not gonna happen here.

i’m so close to the end of NaBloPoMo, that i’m not gonna quit now.  i will post everyday.  but i’m afraid it will be difficult to read all of my favourite bloggies on a daily basis.  i will do my best to read as much as possible, but i will probably be pretty scared.

have no fear, my friends…if i don’t get to read your posts while i’m here, i will definitely be catching up on my reading when i get home next week!

well, i’m off to put the boys to bed…so i guess it’s log-off time.  that’s really gonna take a lot of getting used to! 

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4 Responses to this blog is on tour

  1. wineymomma says:

    oh the horror the horROR the HORROR of not being able to read the blogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anytime my kids are home for more than an hour I have to give up my blog time. YIKES!

    Have fun at your mom’s!


  2. kymburlee says:

    Oooo…have fun. We’ll miss you!

  3. janet says:

    have fun… we’ll be waiting for you when you get back 😉

  4. Blue Momma says:

    Have fun getting pampered at Mommy’s!!!!

    That extra kid help when at Nanny’s just can’t be beat! Well, unless my sister is there and then it’s all over.

    Can’t wait till Friday!