this is not a family show

a couple of weeks ago, Shauna from Pass the Chocolate asked me something in an email…something that made a light bulb go on in my head (i know…who knew it could happen?). she asked me if i was going to keep my new blog more private than “A Beautiful Life“.

i have tossed this idea around before. there have been many times where i have really needed to vent, but had to watch my words and my subject matter…never know who’s reading. and my mom…i love her…but she has expressed her displeasure at my use of profanity…which is knee-slapping hilarious. my IRL friends can attest to the fact that my mother has a dirty potty mouth of her own…where exactly does she think i get it from??? i think she was worried about what other family members of friends might think…which has made it difficult for me to write everything i need to write.

so, after much deliberation….i have decided that “monkeys and marbles” will not be a family show. none of my family members will have access to this blog. not a one.

as far as IRL friends go, i have given my new address to two of my oldest friends from high school…that’s it.

i’m keeping “A Beautiful Life” going for the sake of family. the only thing i’ve done is move it over to WordPress.

i don’t have time to write two different blogs. so, when i write a post that is family friendly for “m&m“, i will copy and paste it over at “ABL“. but the non-family friendly posts will stay here…

i’m excited to have a chance to be more candid, more honest, and less censored…should make for some interesting reading!

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7 Responses to this is not a family show

  1. Kimberly says:

    Yay! Welcome to your new digs…very purdy!

    Looking forward to the candid-ness. =)

  2. VDog says:

    Congrats on the move. I would love to talk to you about preemie issues. The Little Man has GERD, too. :(

    Right now I’m on blogWHORE because I already had the google account w/ picasa, etc., etc., and now I’m kind of regretting it, but I’m already up and running. *sigh*
    Google owns me. Heh.

    Oh, gonna blogroll you, too. :)

  3. VDog says:

    AND I’m regretting not keeping my blog more private — REALLY confines the writing/subject matter sometimes :(
    Maybe I can do a guest post here … you can be like a safe place for those of us who told our moms about our blogs, lol.

  4. bananas says:

    good for you. I wish I could do that! But didn’t you do a post on A Beautiful Life pointing to this URL?

  5. SAHMmy Says says:

    Regretful here that I told my family about my blog as well–they’re mighty funny fodder! New to blogging; don’t know if I could maintain two! Found you through

  6. shaunaloveschocolate says:

    Good for you, Cate! Having a blog without family is nice. It’s like going out to lunch with your girlfriends. We all need a chace to vent and as mommies, we don’t always have time to actually have lunch.

  7. karla says:

    Hi Cate! Welcome back Chiquiata. You have been missed!