two lumps, please

snack time was a little more stressful than usual today.  and it’s usually fairly stressful already!

the boys are used to having their chairs on wood floors when they are at the dining room table.  so they are able to slide themselves back and forth and side to side.  unfortunately, Logan didn’t know that.

he went to push his chair away from the table, and ended up falling backwards.  not only did he hit his head on the chair backrest and the floor when he fell, but he hit the gate that was in the doorway directly behind him as well.

as he screamed bloody murder, it took both me and my sister-in-law, Chris-Anne, to get the chair upright, since he was so heavy and was struggling so much.  when i finally got him unstrapped from his booster seat and check his head, i felt two large ridges on either side.

i swear to you, it felt like the back of his skull had caved in in the middle, leaving two edges on the sides.  i flipped out, and was ready to take him to the hospital.  seriously…i’m not a first time mother, but this was scary shit.  his head has never felt that way in the back before.

my mom and Chris-Anne got me calmed down, and we put some ice on the back of his head while he screamed and held me in a death grip with his face buried in my chest.  finally, he stopped screaming, but the death grip did not loosen.

a little while later, the ice had helped.  turns out that he has two bumps…well….you can’t even really call them bumps.  bumps calls to mind a rounded lump.  these are almost rectangular…irregular.  he has mountain ranges on his head.  they are bright red, and so sensitive that he can’t even lie down on his pillow without discomfort.

but, at least he’s okay.  he’s clingier than hell, but i’m okay with that.  we just snuggled on the couch most of the day, and all is well now.

i just wonder how long those mountain ranges will stick around.

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5 Responses to two lumps, please

  1. Avery says:

    Aw, poor bubs! And poor mom, too! Glad to know he’s okay. (((HUGS))) to you!

  2. kymburlee says:

    Oh heck, the poor kid! And the poor mum! Do you have that feeling like your heart has been wrung out and is left aching like mad? So, so hard when they hurt themselves as badly as that.

  3. janet says:

    wow, never a dull moment for you, kiddo.

    hope things get better.

  4. Blue Momma says:

    Awww. Poor thing! Punkin did the same thing when he was younger and broke the chair back while he was at it.

    I know we were scared to death and so was he. Give his boo boo a big kiss from me!

  5. wineymomma says:

    Poor baby! but it is better for the lumps to swell out than in!!(even though they can reach scary shapes and proportions-okay-and colors)

    Bubba fell face first and smushed his melon at the bowling alley. He looked like a Klingon for over a week.

    Sending mom a hug and some peaceful thoughts!!!